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Loeffler bike wear for men

Cycling is a great way to discover nature only with the body-own energy. Loeffler offers great functional clothes for every kind of cycling tours. If you want to enjoy valleys, woods and hills you should have a look in our Loefflershop and get high-quality shorts, jerseys, bike jackets and more! You can also find bike accessories like caps, gloves or headbands fulfilling your outfit.
Loeffler bike wear guarantees outstanding quality and a good feeling on the road. Loeffler’s collection of bikewear comes from sustainable and fair production facilities in Austria.

Technologies by Loeffler

If you choose an article of Loeffler’s Pro Plus Collection, you will get a very versatile textile. Jersey and shorts consist of lightweight fabrics which feel pleasant to the skin.

The hotBOND® technology ensures highest wearing comfort by removing all seams. The textiles are welded and not sewed, what is the reason why they are insomuch comfortable. You will not get pressure marks or sores, because of the flat inner surface.
Bike jerseys and shorts ensure optimum air circulation, are durable and they are very comfortable.

Responsible and safe cycling

Functionality and tasteful design: Bike jerseys made of merino wool are not only comfortable, but also stylish. Integrated reflectors improve the visibility in city traffic. Loeffler designed also shirts and shorts in a casual denim look. The classical jeans fabric has a lot of fans in the modern cycling scene.

The adventure begins offside the tarred roads: With mountain bike equipment of Loeffler you will pass difficult and spectacular trails easily.
By the way: The high quality of Loeffler’sbike wear is certified by a lot of bike magazins like “RoadBike”, “Bike” or “Trekking bike”.

Casual bike accessories by Loeffler

In our Loeffler shop you can also find useful accessories for your bike adventures.Gloves, caps and headbands fulfil your outfit.